Minister For A Day Event

Catherine Kilgallen
Catherine Kilgallen
March 28, 2023
Minister For A Day Event

On Thursday the 23rd of March, Politics in Action hosted our first 'Minister For A Day' event in collaboration with the Imagine Festival. It was a great success! We were delighted that our Ministers Dermot, Clara, Samuel and Ellie pitched their ideas of what they would do as a Minister for a day.

Dermot, Minister for Economy discussed the issue of cost of living, particularly for students. Many students often have to work two part time jobs alongside their studies to be able to afford student life after rent and bills. Dermot also outlined the issues of nightlife and transport and discussed the need for more renewable green energy and less reliance on fossil fuels.

Samuel, Minister for Infrastructure emphasised the lack of transport particularly trains that would connect the city to airports, which could in turn increase tourism to Northern Ireland. Samuel also highlighted the need for more affordable indoor sports for children and young people, which would benefit fitness and mental health.

Clara, Minister for Education discussed her ideas for a mandatory curriculum for 'real life' including finance such as taxes, and to reform arts education to get more young people involved in the arts. Additionally, Clara expressed her ideas for ending academic selection and the segregated exams system. Clara would also campaign for improved RSE in schools across Northern Ireland.

Ellie, Minister for Justice defined her ideas of more education of justice and human rights for young people, and to advertise the role of the Ombudsman more. Ellie also emphasised the need for balance in the demographics of the PSNI which could improve community relations. Ellie also talked about how women need to feel safe contacting the police.

Unfortunately Shuaib, Minister for Communities was unable to attend this event but we look forward to hearing his great ideas in future!

After each Minister pitched their ideas, the floor opened to questions from the audience. A fruitful discussion followed on a variety of ideas including funding particularly for arts and humanities, night safety and transport, the current Stormont impasse and giving 16 year olds a right to vote.

We would like to sincerely thank the Ministers for sharing their great ideas and to the audience for attending this event!

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