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The 18th of April 2023 will live long in the memories of nearly 250 young people from across our projects who participated in our 'What Peace Means to Me' event at Queen's University Belfast.

They discussed their ideas about how to build a better peace to significant figures in the creation of the Peace Agreement including Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern, and also to current politicians and US Special Envoy Joseph Kennedy III

Praise for the work of PiA from a host of global leaders
Senator George Mitchell

Taking action together on the issues that matter to you

PiA connects learning about politics to taking action that leads to social change.

We support young people to explore issues they care about and to take these issue to those in power.

We welcome young people from all backgrounds and identities to join Politics in Action and work together for change.

We exist to create safe spaces for young people in diverse groups to work together on issues they care about, without judgment or pressure, and in ways that are fun and engaging, and which create the change you want to see.

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We are change-makers, co-creators of solutions, reimagining politics, and holding those in power to account


We partner with schools and with organisations with specialist skills, politicians, and key decision-makers so that our campaigns have a meaningful impact and affect real change.


You have a voice, together we will help you to amplify it. We value every voice and every perspective to help us develop new solutions working together.


Success starts with developing the skills and knowledge required to make an impact in the world of politics. We believe that learning should be fun and engaging and based around the things you care about.


At PiA, we are active citizens and, working together, we drive change. We believe young people are citizens now (regardless of age or nationality) and your ideas are needed for us to build better neighbourhoods, a better society, and a better world.


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Participant Review

Being part of Politics in Action has been an extremely rewarding experience whether learning new skills or meeting new people, working with such a brilliant team has been an absolute pleasure!

Dermot Hamill
Dermot Hamill
Youth member of our rebrand team

Our Projects

The New Normal

The Community Fund (National Lottery), through their Youth Empowerment Programme, has supported our work with young people in schools and other settings across Northern Ireland for three years. Working in cross-community clusters of schools, we support young people to identify issues that are important to you, help you to research these issues, and present them to politicians and others. In the process, you learn about how society works and how change happens. We also work closely with partners, including; Start 360, Diverse Youth NI, the Secondary Students Union and others to increase the impact of our work.

Poreto for Progression

This innovative cross-border project is sponsored by the International Fund for Ireland. The project connects Loreto Community School in Milford, Co. Donegal, and Portadown College, in Co. Armagh. The project aims to amplify youth voices through cross-border cooperation, by engaging schools, local community groups, teachers, and parents to develop and sustain local leadership.

Poreto for Progression

Young Evaluators

New funding from the Ireland Funds has allowed us to develop a really exciting project with young people where they learn how to be evaluators - working with us to show the impact of our work and why it is important to young people. We held our first residential at the end of April and are looking forward to the work ahead! With help from the National Children's Bureau and Professor Tony Gallagher from Queen's University, young people will help us show the difference that our work makes. Watch this space!

Our Campaigns

Northern Ireland is now the only devolved nation in the UK where 16 and 17-year-olds don’t get to vote. We want to change that - by working together to persuade politicians, the media, and other young people that it is time for change. We will also work with partners across the Island of Ireland to ensure that all young people have this right.


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Our Partner Schools & Organisations

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Endorsements of our work

Stephen Moore
Principal, Friends' School Lisburn
Politics in Action has allowed our pupils to gain experiences they would not otherwise have had, and has challenged them to think. In the context of Shared Education, it has given them invaluable opportunities to engage with other young people and has helped them see the world from a different perspective. I look forward to our continuing involvement in Politics in Action and to hearing what our young people have to say about how they want to shape their futures in Northern Ireland and beyond.
Senator George Mitchell
Former Senator and chair of the 1998 talks that led to the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement
You are the future leaders of Northern Ireland, and I commend you for your interest in working to make a difference for your people. 25 years ago, when I announced we had achieved the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement, I described it as an historic achievement, and it clearly was. I also said on that day that the agreement itself did not guarantee peace, prosperity and reconciliation; that future leaders also would have to make difficult decisions. You, the members of Politics in Action, are amongst those leaders. I hope and pray that you will be able to make, or contribute to, a resolution of current disagreements, with the same courage and vision that was demonstrated by the leaders of Northern Ireland in 1998.
Peter Weil
Founder, Politics in Action
It's great to see Politics in Action come of age under fresh leadership. The emphasis is very much on youth voice and one of our most exciting innovations is to see the young people with whom we partner also work with us as evaluators of our projects. When we first launched there were many who believed that if Northern Ireland couldn't make the Executive or Assembly work, there was little likelihood that young people could work harmoniously together on the political challenges we face. Together we've proved the opposite. The next generation of leaders is determined to do things differently and not repeat the mistakes of my generation.
Carol McCann
Former Principal, St. Dominic's College
Politics in Action provided wonderful opportunities for pupils from St Dominic's and Friends' School to come together to discuss and debate the issues which matter to them and to young people everywhere. They were given a unique opportunity to research and plan together to meet with, and challenge politicians both North and South. All of the pupils grew in confidence and developed a multiplicity of skills through the process, which culminated in an event in the Long Gallery at Parliament Buildings when they presented their findings to politicians, educators, representatives of their respective Boards of Governors, and last but not least, their very proud parents. In education, we talk much about Pupil Voice. This experience was Pupil Voice at its very best. Beyond all that they have gained, the pupils involved will have fond memories of this experience forever.
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