Better Peace Podcast Series

Better Peace Podcast Series

Thanks to support from the International Fund for Ireland's 'Our Peace, Our Future' programme and our National Lottery Community Fund 'Empowering Young People' grant, we are able to offer a small group of young people the opportunity to create a high-quality podcast series together. Working with journalist Jude Mithell and our team, they are learning all aspects of production and marketing, they will decide who they want to interview, and will be able to travel to capture the content they need.

'Building a Better Peace' is the vision of Politics in Action. We know that we have much to be grateful for in terms of the achievements of the Good Friday Agreement, but we also see faltering politics and ongoing sectarian divisions across our society. We need to recommit to many of the ideas in the Agreement but we also need to develop new ways of making our society more inclusive, successful and prosperous so it can be the 'Beacon of Hope' that so many other places in the world need.

The group have just returned from a visit to Edinburgh and Cardiff to look at the impact of votes at 16 there. There are some very exciting interviews in the pipeline and we will be releasing the series in May.

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